Android Application Development And Android Game Development An Expert’s View – Part 2

Continuing from first part of this article, I have just started to question CEO of company named Morpheous and got the first answer. But I thought the answer was pretty vague so I have to asked a better question to have more qualitative response and more informative too. So, I asked “What you think about the market share between Android Application Development and Android Game Development?… Do you think it will be as good as iPhone Apps and Games development market?” Here is what he said.

“It’s been 3 years now Google has launched Android and we have also started the development and learning from day one. For about 3 to 4 months initially when it is launched nobody knew what it is and how it is going to perform, while Apple has already captured most of the healthy market. We think as per our knowledge Android came into race after launching Android 2.0 and also with more and more companies with different types of devices adapting to Google’s operating system. As far as the market share is concerned, Android Application Development is surely having an upper hand but Android Game Development is also in interest of many and catching-up to the rival iPhone Game Development.”

“Regarding to your second question, major difference between Android Application Development, Android Game Development and iPhone apps and game development is development restriction and also limited third party tools used for development related to iPhone. But here we need to understand that though Google do not reject your apps, it’s not easy to make apps in Android SDK and just launch it, and same applies to Android Game Development. We think it is going to be tough competition in days to come as both companies try to provide regular updates and other companies coming-up with more powerful devices.”

So, after a hot tea, few questions and some snacks, I was done. After all these talk I reached to conclusion that market is right now in the road towards maturity, where it is going to take some time for market to get mature, Android Application Development and Android Game Development is going to be tough competition to Apple’s mobile development technologies. As time passes by I think next 6 to 12 months will be decisive on who will be the king or smartphone market and also mobile app development business. We have our expert’s view; now let’s see what the future withholds.
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