Google Android Is Going To Be Ahead Of The Competition

There has been lots of news in the last couple of years about Google Android, a new mobile operating system that is set to change the mobile world according to some.

It’s only recently that the platform has set the mobile world a buzz as it has come into it’s own, allowing it to compete with the big guns already in the market.

What is it about Android that makes it the talk of the technology town?

Probably the best thing about Android is that you don’t have to be anyone special to develop an app and get it into the app store. Android likes to think of itself as being very open, which is great for small developers and large ones as well. Everyone can get their app on Android.

With Android the whole platform is open for developers to get on with developing whatever they like. Developers have more control and can use their creativity.

The iPhone is undoubtedly a great device with some great apps but it’s is all about the one phone and the one operating system. The beauty of Android is that it can encompass multiple phones and developers can produce apps that can be used on multiple phones across the whole platform.

It has been and continues to be important for Google to work with developers to help them produce apps that are the best they can produce and top quality. There is no point in the Android platform having apps that are the same as every other platform and device out there, the challenge is to make them better.

Openness for developers is important for Google Android and that is great for developers because it can get their apps to a wider audience, especially as Android takes off. Some developers in the beginning had to hedge bets on Android being a success when they started developing applications, but hopefully that is paying off now for them as Android becomes more popular.

All the mobile app stores are competing with each other at the moment and Android Market which is Google’s app store is growing fast. In fact it’s growing faster than all the other stores which again is a good sign that developers are starting to get involved and produce more applications.

When Android was first announced everyone knew it had the backing of such a large corporation like Google but Google had never done anything like this before so it was still a risk to predict it was going to be a success, but it looks like it’s heading that way now.

Now there is evidence that Android is and can be successful, so the future looks bright for the mobile platform.

Individual developers are developing their own apps as well as being commissioned by businesses to produce apps that give customers content and games that help users stay engaged with companies not just on their computers but when they are using their mobiles as well.

Those with the skills to develop Android applications can really take advantage of this new era and either make apps for themselves or make apps for businesses around the world. If you want to be where the buzz is, learn Android Development.
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