What Makes Android The Best Platform For Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are the hottest commodity in the mobile segment at present. There is no use in having a Smartphone without some great apps in it. It will no longer be a Smartphone without all the applications it can offer you. Android application development has emerged as one of the most favorite and potentially favorable application development platform for everyone including clients, users and mobile application development companies.
Some think that iPhone is the better platform just because it is a market leader in application volume. However, Android application development is showing much more potential and capability than any other platform available in the market today. Some of the prime factors that make android a fair contender to other mobile application development technologies are:
Quick Growth: Since the launch of android’s app store it has managed high popularity among the mobile users and manufacturers. Today, every major application is launched for both iPhone and android platform because the demand is for both. Android has been performing exceptionally good and is growing at a very fast rate. Moreover, more and more Smartphones are now coming with android engine which increases the number of android users on a daily basis.
Open Source: Android is an open source mobile application development platform thus offers the benefits of open source technology that are not offered by iPhone platform. This feature has created a special liking for android platform between the mobile application developers all over the world.
Customization: Android is a much better choice for organizations as android application development allows developers to customize it according to their requirements. Because of the open source nature of android, organizations can get mobile applications that are customized and built around their business specific requirements. The application can be modified according to the role of the user using it. The Android application development offers much more benefits than development on iPhone platform.
Supports Flash: While it isn’t perfect but android supports flash technology which is not offered by iPhone. If a client wants to develop an app with flash in it then he has no other choice than Android platform. The constant enhancements and newly launched versions of android try to make the flash usage as compatible as possible.
Supports Google: Other than the normal usage of Google, android allows users to integrate Gmail and Google calendar. These features may not seem very flattering but users really enjoy having such apps in their pockets. Users who regularly access these applications will definitely go for Android OS as it allows them to access these apps.
The android market is increasing at a very fast pace due to its huge popularity and demand from the users. It allows much more freedom and flexibility than other platform that is why now most of the apps are developed for multiple platforms. If you are not launching your mobile application on android store then you are losing almost 50% of your potential users. However, it is advised that Mobile applications must be developed for multiple platforms for reaching maximum viewers. Most of the Web development company also offer Mobile Application development services , therefore it is better to choose web application development company having extensive experienced for developing your mobile apps.
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